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After snagging a Psychology degree from Berkeley, this 20 something Santa Barbarian made the logical choice to do a 180 and devote my life to food.

Personal passion bordering on obsession, I developed my knowledge of food by eating/backpacking my way through Europe, Asia, Southeast Asia, and Central America to date, honing my hacks as an apprentice in the kitchen of SF’s own Spruce, and by reading the CIA textbook for fun.

I Intern for Eater SF where I get my hands dirty reporting on, writing about, and photographing the restaurant scene in San Francisco. Pretty sweet deal, no? I decided to take my experiences and start a blog so I can share my foodie adventures with anyone interested in this San Francisco girl’s stories. Alas, in March 2011, A Side of Frye was born.

Whether it be through my personal recipes, eating street food, or reviewing restaurants, I give my honest opinion on cuisine from San Francisco to Saigon. I’m not afraid to ask questions, and since I’m in the industry, people like talking back. My goal is to share some kitchen knowledge and insider tid-bits with you.

Some things you should know about me:
-I will taste anything twice.
-Weirdest thing ever eaten: pig sphincter. OK I won’t taste that twice.
-I love impulsive backpacking trips
-I am never happier than when experiencing culinary adventures with other passionate foodies
-During the day you’ll probably find me working on my laptop at *bucks (no, I don’t like their coffee), or running off said culinary adventures in Golden Gate Park.
-At night you can find me at shows at The Independent or riding the Lion at Lion’s Pub.

Did you think I was kidding?







I shoot film with my baby, an oldschool Canon Ftb (50mm f/1.8) I got from my pops. You’ve got to wind it and everything! I recommend everyone learn camera fundamentals on one of these guys!

I shoot digital with a Canon T1i, standard kit lens… Once I can afford to (or find a suga daddy, now accepting applications) I will beef up the lens collection with either a 100mm f/2.0 or 85mm f/1.8. Bring on that wide f-stop!

I want to hear your opinions and stories too! What do you have to add to the discussion? If it’s about food, photography, or travel, shoot it at me. Let’s talk! Feel free to email or comment away.